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Starlight Xpress - Trius SX-36

  • Starlight Xpress - Trius SX-36
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Product Description

Starlight Xpress has built its reputation upon innovation contained in small packages, dependability and the highest quality. 
With the Trius deep-sky range of cooled CCD cameras, Starlight Xpress sets the bar even higher. Trius builds upon the standards Starlight Xpress set for low-noise performance with the SXVFSXVR, & SXV cameras, maintaining fast download times circa two-million pixels per second among myriad improvements. The Starlight Xpress Trius SX35 and SX36 are the largest in the SX product line of Truesense CCD-based imaging devices. 
Faster Downloads, Greater Clarity

The main camera now contains a powered USB hub with three USB 2.0 ports in the rear. These ports deliver 200mA, enabling them to support CoStarSuperStar or LodeStar guidance peripheral. A further two USB 2.0 ports can support a USB filter wheel and another device of your choice. Trailing cables, tangles and clutter are much reduced with this innovative solution, leaving you free to focus on stargazing. Faster download speeds greatly reduce bias frame artefacts e.g hot columns or the vertical gradient which is often visible when using such chips.
Trius cameras are designed with an Argon-filled CCD chamber as well as new two-stage Peltier cooler combinations, resulting in a greater differential cooling delta of -40c delta T. The dry Argon injected into the chamber prevents condensation forming on the CCD while cooling down. Additionally, Argon is a poor heat conductor, therefore assisting with the cooling process. Trius is fitted with two fans, one at the rear, which draws air from the front and through the heatsink, blowing the heat out of the back end. The second fan maintains the ambient temperature of the outer case in warm weather, with SetPoint Cooling standard on Trius models.
Clear and dry
Trius cameras feature a fused silica window, composed of seven-layers, with an anti-reflective coating. This window is extremely strong and resistant to humidity, owing to its heat-transfer characteristics. 
Tilting front plate
The front plate of of the Trius can be aligned orthogonally, ensuring that optics and CCD remain parallel to each other. Thus collimation issues can be accounted for across the entire optical train, ensuring clarity over the whole field. 
Major features include:

  • Large, high resolution  Truesense CCD chip, with 16,085,120 x 7.4uM square pixels in a 36.3 x 24.2mm array.
  • Low dark signal - Dark frames unnecessary for most of the brighter deep sky objects.
  • Anti-blooming with minimal effect on linearity and no lost active area.
  • Built-in high-speed USB 2.0 interface for approximately 10 second downloads.
  • High sensitivity, approx. 52% QE at peak (green light), 31% at H alpha.
  • Back focal distance 17mm +/-1mm.
  • Built-in three-port USB 2.0 hub, compatible with many USB accessories (Lodestar, SX filter wheel etc)
  • Single USB cable control for all features - reduces cable clutter and tangle
  • One computer only required to control all devices and functions
  • Very low power consumption. Less than 1.5 amps at 12v DC - 18VA at 110v or 240v AC
  • Compact and lightweight - 118mm in diameter x 102mm long - less than 850 grams load on the telescope.
  • 72 x 1mm input thread, compatible with Takahashi FSQ106 etc.


Name Starlight Xpress - Trius SX-36
Manufacturer Starlight Xpress, LTD
Model SX-36
CCD Sensor Kodak - KAI-16070
Antiblooming Overload margin greater than 1000x
CCD Grade Grade 2
CCD Type Truesense KAI16070M interline CCD with low dark current and vertical anti-blooming
Computer Interface Built-in USB 2.0 compatible interface
Cooling Regulated constant current cooling supply with three stage thermoelectric cooler to give a CCD temperature of approximately -37C below ambient
Dark Current Dark frame saturation time greater than 10 hours. Less than 0.05 electrons/second @ -20C chip temperature.
Data Format 16 bits.
Full Well Capacity Greater than 40,000 e- (unbinned)
Gain 0.4 electrons per ADU
Imaging Area 36.3mm (Horizontal) x 24.2mm (Vertical)
Image Download Time Typically 10 seconds at full resolution using USB 2.0.
Power Requirements 115VAC / 240VAC @ 12VA, or 12VDC @ 750mA max
Read Noise Less than 12 electrons RMS - typically only 9 electrons
Size 118 x 102mm black anodised aluminium barrel with 72 x 1mm thread at the CCD window end & input/output plugs at rear. CCD alignment screws are provided for setting the chip parallel to the focal plane.
Spectral Response QE max at 540nM (~52%), 30% at 375nM and 660nM

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